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Ask Question 247. A variable indicating the subshell level. An environmental variable pointing to a Bash startup file to be read when a script is invoked $ BASH_ SUBSHELL.

I wrote a simple script #! From man bash: If set, the return value of a pipeline is the value of the last ( rightmost. Will still contain the return code of the second command in the pipe command substitutions, because variable assignments . / bin/ bash - x selentry= ` ls - l / | sort ; ts= $ { PIPESTATUS[ 0] } ` echo $ ts but $ ts show nothing.

The PIPESTATUS you' re getting is for the assignment rather than the piped commands in the subshell. A simple command is a sequence of optional variable assignments followed by. Get exit status of process that' s piped to another.
This will work with the original code too. Bash uses certain shell variables in the same way as the Bourne shell.

In some cases, Bash assigns a default value to the variable. User franky starts entering the grep command, which results in the assignment of the _ variable. PIPESTATUS An array variable ( see section 6.
You might be able to do something with named pipes ( mkfifo) possible bash' s read function? Assignment to this variable will not change the current directory. Bash pipestatus assignment. I' ve changed your example to actually include some output.

Understanding the Linux/ Unix Command bash Everything you ever need to know about bash and then some. If BASH_ ARGV0 is unset it loses its special properties even if it is subsequently reset. Assignment to BASH_ ARGV0 causes the value assigned to also be assigned to $ 0.

Bash has $ PIPESTATUS. Bash pipestatus assignment. If you are using bash, you can use the PIPESTATUS array variable to get the exit status of each element of the pipeline. I' m trying to get last modification date of a file with this command.

If DIRSTACK is unset it loses its special properties even if it is subsequently reset. When you use xargs,. How to get both PIPESTATUS and output in bash script. 2 Bash Variables. A string describing the operating system Bash is running on.

EDIT: Maybe just redirect the output to a file, then you can use PIPESTATUS:. We don' t currently have any way to retrieve the exit codes from the independent jobs in a given pipeline.

Use set - o pipefail in bash to get the right- most non- zero exit code in a piped command sequence as $? PIPESTATUS: An array variable. How I can display $ ts variable how I can get. The process ID of his shell is 10662.

From the assignment ( it' ll be 1 if you ended the substitution with | false). I propose that Fish should add.
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Bash command substitution happens in a sub- shell, so those values exist but only inside that sub- shell. You' re seeing $ { PIPESTATUS[ 0] } reflect the $?

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